How to Use the Source Turbo Extractor

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If you want to extract essential oils at home, you’ll need a small portable extractor—the Source Turbo Extractor. Herbal tinctures are widely known for their medicinal and therapeutic uses. So, you’ll make immense savings or even have an extra income stream as you make oil at home.

What is a tincture when using the Source Turbo extractor?

It means quality control, consistency, and your essentials on demand. So, if you want to make the best tinctures from your botanicals, it pays to understand how to use them.

This article explores how to use the Source Turbo extractor to understand why it is the go-to extractor for apothecary, culinary art, and aroma scenting purposes.

How to Use the Source Turbo Extractor

Here are the steps you should follow to make the best tinctures:

Install and Setup the Extractcraft Mobile App

You can monitor the Source Turbo Extractor from the Extractcraft mobile App. It is available for download on the App Store and Play Store and interfaces with your extractor via Bluetooth. The app offers additional information about the temperature, rate of evaporation, and other parameters throughout the process. For proper use of the app, you must enable your location and Bluetooth services. However, app usage is not required to enjoy the use of your Extractcraft. 

Gather Required Supplies

You’ll not make a tincture without the right ingredients. Make sure you collect all the ingredients and clean them because it might be challenging to add them back without affecting the quality if you miss a step.

Standard requirements for any extraction include:

  • Glass beakers
  • 190-proof alcohol
  • Filters, strainers, or sieves
  • Funnels for bottling extracted oil and recycling alcohol
  • Ampules to store extract

Prepare the Tincture

Once you have cleaned and sorted out the plants, follow this process to prepare a tincture:

  1. Place the plants in a clean glass beaker
  2. Soak them in the 190-proof alcohol to about ¼ the volume of the plants in the beaker
  3. You can mix up the plants for different recipes
  4. Allow enough time for the alcohol to act on the plants before moving to the next step.

You could also checkout Extractcraft for more on how to make a tincture.

Unscrew the Reservoir Cup and Strain the Tincture In

Inside the Source Turbo Extractor is a reservoir cup that you’ll use for the extraction.

Once the action of the alcohols is complete, use a filter, strainer or Buchner funnel to remove solid particles from the tincture and pour it out into the reservoir cup.

Repeat this process until the resulting solution is satisfactorily clear for the best results.

Prepare the Source Turbo Extractor for Extraction

Arrange all the Source Turbo Extractor parts shown in the manual and plug it into power.

Remember to screw back the reservoir cup, cover it with the lid, and ensure there is a tight vacuum seal before you begin.

Select Extraction Mode You Need

You can operate the Source Turbo in either normal or turbo mode.

Press the green button once for normal mode and long press for three seconds to activate turbo mode. Check on the vacuum periodically to see that it seals appropriately at each stage. 

If you establish the vacuum is not sealing properly, check that the vacuum release valve is screwed on properly, inspect and adjust the seals, or try pressing down the lid to see if it will get a better seal.

Monitor the Extraction Process

You’re on the right track if you see condensation on the external lid and rolling down the sides. It is required to add a tray of ice cubes on top of the lid. 

Once the alcohol has evaporated from the tincture, the extraction is complete.

The recyclable alcohol accumulates in the collector; the final solution is collected as an oil, tincture, sap, or wax-like substance, depending on the objectives and intended usage.

Finishing the Extraction

You can press the green button to stop the extraction manually once the extraction is complete. Keep in mind that you are looking for a viscosity of cooking oil or a bit before it reaches that texture. Remember that you are not looking for a wax or sap consistency.

After this, release the vacuum by twisting the vacuum release valve left and allowing the collector cup, reservoir cup, and entire chamber to cool down.

Collect your final product—the extract and remaining alcohol, reassemble the Source Turbo, and store everything. Any remaining ethanol can be left, and it will evaporate, should you desire.

Extractcraft Safety 

As mentioned in your Extractcract manual, there is a 2-hour safety cutoff. This safety cutoff will turn off the Extractcraft regardless of normal or turbo mode. You will have to start the unit again after this cutoff and keep a close eye on your unit as your tincture nears completion. 

Shop Botanical Extraction Machines

Extractions can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools or misuse them. This article has been an insightful take on using your Source Turbo Extractor. Buy your Source Turbo extractor today and get more tips and tricks for using it on Extractcraft today. Our Facebook group, ExtractCraft Test Kitchen, has tons of tips, tricks, and valuable information available to you, so join today!

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