Source Turbo Complete Set

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The SOURCE Turbo Complete Set includes everything you need to make your own concentrates at home.   The set includes:

  • SOURCE Turbo Extraction Machine
  • Buchner Funnel Set with Flask and Tubing
  • Silicone Tool Kit Bundle:  1 Mat, 1 Box, and 5 Small Containers
  • 2 boxes of ExtractCraft Filter Paper:  100 Slow Flow and 100 Fast Flow

This bundle is the easiest way to get everything you need to make quality extractions at home.



The SOURCE Turbo Complete Set starts with your extraction appliance. the ExtractCraft SOURCE Turbo™ for home herbal extractions.
This set includes all the accessories to make it even easier to create high-quality oil and concentrates at home. The Source simplifies the process and dramatically reduces costs.
Whether you are creating extractions for at-home personal use or small-batch production, the SOURCE Turbo will make your process more time-efficient and user-friendly.
With our patented vacuum process, extraction occurs at 105-degress Fahrenheit (40C).
The Source Turbo’s low temperature preserves desirable plant components like terpenes and flavonoids.

The Source Turbo consists of five basic parts that are well made and durable, and can be hand washed.
A crucible, recycling reservoir, glass lid, seals, and appliance base unit. In the presence of the ethanol solvent, these parts tend to remain clean.
The amazing patented base unit contains pumps and a microprocessor and should be cared for accordingly. The SOURCE Turbo could be the smartest device in your kitchen. 

The Buchner Funnel and Flask Set: The Buchner funnel and flask are for performing fine filtering to achieve the best possible finished products. The vacuum-assisted flask can be used in conjunction with the vacuum port on the Source Turbo or with a stand alone vacuum pump. When using a stand-alone vacuum pump make sure to follow all instructions for using it with flammable solvents like high-proof ethanol. 3/8” Vacuum hose is included. Hose adapter to connect the flask to the Source Turbo’s vacuum port is included.

Silicone Discount Bundle: This Silicone set provides helpful tools to make it easy to make quality extractions at home including 1-Silicone mat, 1-Silicone box, 5-Silicone containers.

Filter Papers for the Buchner Funnel:  The Complete Set includes both Slow Flow 110mm Filter Paper (100ct)  and Fast Flow 110mm Filter Paper (100ct) for the 1L Buchner Funnel Set. The Fast Flow are 15-micron qualitative filter papers for initial filtering. The Slow Flow are 3-micron qualitative filter papers for fine filtering if desired.

Why Source Turbo Complete Set?

The Complete Set offers you everything you need to make your own concentrates at home.  The SOURCE Turbo is a simple to use, reliable and compact appliance.  The Buchner Funnel will help you filter your wash much more efficiently.  The Silicone Tools will help you work with and store your concentrate and having the right filter paper is always important.

The Source Turbo Complete Set is the best way to get started making at-home extractions.  It all begins with the countertop appliance that is simple, smart,  safe, and versatile enough for all your botanical extraction needs. No other method can offer the ease-of-use, quality of craftsmanship, high level of safety, and carefully finished products that you can create with the ExtractCraft Source Turbo Extractor.

Extract at Home

Many people are simply accustomed to purchasing pre-made extracts or products made using extracts (whether they are oils, topicals, foods or other goods). Those who do create their own oils and concentrates without the SOURCE Turbo may do so in a fairly rough process, with limited ability to calibrate for precision control.

If this describes you, consider a home extractor. It will allow you to save substantially on costs while also allowing you to choose when, how, and in what quantity to extract. Ultimately, this will give you a high degree of control while enabling you to be more self-reliant in your consumption choices.

When using the SOURCE Turbo, you must use 190 proof or higher, non-denatured ethanol as the solvent.

Minimize Waste

You can further save on costs and say goodbye to waste, as the Source Turbo Recovers 95% of the solvent from process for re-use.

Endless Possibilities

With your own Source Turbo, an extensive array of possible extractions are at your fingertips. Everything from oils for baked goods to gummies and candies, dressings, salves and lotions, and much more can be created quckly. You’ll be able to experiment and determine your preferences when it comes to extractions.

Work Precisely

The high precision of the Source Turbo is one of the prime features that stands out. With a Source Turbo appliance, you can easily monitor remaining time, temperatures, vacuum level, and more, to ensure careful control and an exceptional degree of safety throughout the extraction process.

Get Your Source Turbo Today

The Source Turbo is the premier device to use when creating oils, butters, and other products at home. You can significantly expand your extraction possibilities while drastically cutting costs in the process, making it a fantastic choice for both novices and experts alike.

Buy your Source Turbo today from ExtractCraft. Visit us online or call 877-800-4420 with any questions.

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