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The ExtractCraft SOURCE Turbo provides a simple way to begin extracting essential oils at home. Smaller than a coffee maker, the SOURCE Turbo is perfect for small batch personal use. The ExtractCraft SOURCE Turbo cycle can process 1 Cup per batch.
If you seek larger batch processing, the ExtractCraft EtOH Pro has a 2 Liter per batch processing capacity.

ExtractCraft’s easy-to-use machines work under vacuum at low temperatures to draw out all the essential oils from your botanicals to create high quality concentrates, gummies, bath bombs, candle scents, and so many other creations.

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  • Why ethanol extraction?

    Ethanol extraction under vacuum, is safe way to draw out flavors and aromas found in botanical oils and concentrates. This non-toxic method is free from the worry of dangerous combustion

  • How does it work?

    Ethanol is one of safest and cleanest forms of extraction possible. Our patented method uses high-proof grain alcohol as an extraction solvent, providing for minimal toxicity and optimal botanical oil extraction.

  • Is the SOURCE Turbo for me?

    Versatile enough for all your botanical extraction needs, the ExtractCraft SOURCE Turbo is ideal for small batch personal use or process testing.

Simple to use home ethanol extraction equipment

Make your favorite extracts, concentrates, and oils in your own kitchen.




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Recipe Ideas

Our community has plenty of recipe ideas to get you started extracting essential oils and other products at home. As you create your own at-home extractions, share your successes with other ExtractCraft SOURCE Turbo users. View recipes and submit your favorites.