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+ Our DIY extraction tools allow you to craft potent extracts, concentrates, edibles + more in your own home.

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+10 minutes it all it takes to prep and setup your extraction.

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+ ExtractCraft tools use low temperature vacuum extraction to preserve all the natural goodness from your herbs.

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What’s the purpose of extracting if you don’t get all of the potency? Our ethanol extraction appliances work so you can get the full spectrum of botanical benefits from your extracts & concentrates! That means full benefits when you make edibles, oils, creams and more!

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  • Create your own pure oils at home
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  • Essential Oils, Full Spectrum Oils in your home kitchen

Customer Reviews

  • Kathryn Duprie
    I bought the source after hearing about it on the magic butter site. I started watching videos and joined the Facebook groups and finally ordered. The source turbo is so user-friendly it’s a wonderful machine. From making wash to running the machine it’s as easy as can be.
    A perfect starter machine.
    It’s my favorite hobby for sure!
    May 10, 2022
  • Greg Waszak
    Very happy, you will be too! The money you save in alcohol and not having to worry about flammable vapors are worth it alone.
    December 2, 2022
  • Boogie Russell
    Great device to get started learning on how to make concentrates. Simple and easy to use device for ethanol extractions. These little machines are built to run. I have had my Source Turbo machine for 6 years, ran at heavy usage, and it is still going strong. The machine is only part of the package as you get great customer service in the event something does go wrong. You can not lose with ExtractCraft machines.
    June 24, 2022
  • Alexfingbeck
    three time cancer survivor who wanted to come give an honest review of this machine. If you’re looking for a machine to amazing quality medicine with, this is for you. It enabled me to make extracts better then that which I could purchase from a dispensary.

    This unit and its support team literally helped save my life. They share information freely. They respond timely if any issues arise. And above all they care.
    October 26, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
What does ExtractCraft equipment do?

ExtractCraft’s machines allow you to make your own concentrates from most any botanical. They use ethanol based extraction to pull off the desirable components of your plant material and concentrate them into a pure oil. In short, you will soak your botanical in 190 proof or higher, food grade ethanol, filter out the plant material, then run this filtered solution in your machine. Under vacuum and at low temperatures, the unit will evaporate off and recollect your ethanol, leaving you a pure concentrate to pour out and use in so many ways. The Source Turbo is perfect for home use or small batch as it holds 300ml, allowing you to extract from roughly 1 ounce of plant material at a time. The EtOH Pro is perfect for small business or larger batch at home production as the kettle holds 4L, allowing you to extract from roughly 1 pound of plant material at a time.

What would you call the oil produced?

There are many names for the oils you can produce and exactly what best describes it will vary based on the botanical you’re extracting and your process for doing so. In general, these could be described as Full Spectrum Oils, or FSO. This oil will include a large array of desirable plant components including its essential oils, terpenes, and more. Another word for this type of oil is Absolute Oil. Depending on what plant material is used, these oils will be perfect for crafting tinctures, topicals, foods, and much more.

Can you make (RSO or FECO) with ExtractCraft Equipment?

Yes, you can absolutely make the highest quality (RSO or FECO) with our equipment. In fact, it’s one of the easiest products to make. It can be as simple as soaking your plant material in 190 proof or higher, non-denatured ethanol, letting it sit for 30 minutes or so, filtering out the plant material, then running this in our equipment until the ethanol has been evaporated out and you are left with an oil. You would then decarb the oil after, and there’s your (RSO / FECO). You could also decarb the plant material first instead, either way is great! For best results, freeze both your ethanol and plant material, while still separate, for 24 hours before combining them. This will limit the amount of chlorophyll that gets picked up and give you a more potent end product.