Frequently Asked Questions

Botanical oil is what gives a plant its primary characteristics and is used as perfume or flavoring. Concentrates are the resulting form of botanical oils when reduced to a more strong and potent form.

Your imagination is the only limit. You can use any single or combination of botanicals. Whether you’re using our products at home or as part of your business, Experiment and create your own unique combinations, or view some of our recipes for inspiration.

Extraction preparation is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Mix the solvent and botanical together. 
  2. Separate the botanical and solvent by straining the ‘tea’ into the reservoir cup. 
  3. Put the reservoir cup into place and start the unit.

We recommend using food-grade, grain alcohol of 190-proof and 95% alcohol.

The length of time the extraction process takes depends on how much “tea” is placed in the reservoir cup. If the reservoir cup is full, the process takes about 4 hours. If it’s half full, it takes about 2 hours. Quite often you only need to fill the reservoir half way.

The green button tells you when it is ready for action by glowing steady green. One flash indicates the extraction process has been initiated in normal mode, and two slow flashes are for Turbo mode. Three quick flashes indicate the extraction process has been stopped. The light will flash once every 10 seconds to indicate it is running. If the green button isn’t illuminated, then the SOURCE Turbo is not getting power.

The silver screw is a vacuum release valve. When it is screwed to the left, the valve is open and allows air into the vacuum chamber. When it is screwed to the right, the valve is closed and not allowing air to pass through. The screw should be turned all the way to the right when the SOURCE Turbo extractor is running. When finished, unscrew to the left to release pressure to remove the lid.

When the SOURCE Turbo is in operation, the vacuum creates negative pressure on the inside of the unit exerting hundreds of pounds of force downward to hold the lid in place.

The limited noise only occurs when the vacuum pump is running. When first turned on the pump will run until it reaches full vacuum. Then the vacuum pump will only switch on occasionally for a brief time to reestablish the full vacuum.

The ticking sound during operation is normal. It’s simply the heat controller.

There are limited to no odors emanating from the SOURCE Turbo during operation. When the vacuum pump runs to adjust the internal pressure limited fumes may escape, but not much if at all.

The SOURCE Turbo is the only extraction appliance that is UL Approved in the USA and Canada. It has many safety precautions built into it. The SOURCE Turbo operates well below the ignition temperature of alcohol under a vacuum and is contained in a vacuum where no air is present. We advise caution when handling the alcohol and recommend keeping it well away from any kind of flame or ignition source.

Our advanced technology allows for setting the local altitude where the SOURCE Turbo will be operated to ensure uniform performance wherever you are.

You can start the SOURCE Turbo in Normal mode by pushing the green button once or by using the mobile app. When starting, the green button will flash once to confirm the process starting in Normal mode. Using the app is as easy as pushing the “Start Process” button.

Start Turbo mode by pushing and holding the green button for a full 3 to 4 seconds, then releasing. The green button will flash slowly twice to confirm the process starting in Turbo mode. Turbo mode cannot be started using the app.

Normal mode is the mode for running a typical extraction. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete a full run with minimal pump activity. Turbo mode doubles the processing speed but also significantly increases pump activity. Both modes work at the same internal operating temperature range.

The Source will stop once it satisfies the preset 2-hour limit, or you can manually stop it mid-process two ways:

  1. First, you can push the green button one time to stop.
  2. Second, you can push the “Stop Process” button on the app.

When the unit stops, regardless of the method used to stop it, the green button will flash three times quickly.

The unit has a maximum 120-minute automatic shutoff feature.

The mobile app will work on android or iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth. It allows you to adjust time, temperature, and pressure.

Hand washing is recommended for all removable parts. Removable parts include the lid, rubber rim, reservoir cup, glass collector, and rubber base. The base where the electronics are housed must not be put into water at any time. To clean the base, gently wipe with a damp towel.

The SOURCE Turbo specs are:

Length: 7 in.

Width: 7 in.

Height: 1 in.

Weight: 7 lb., 11 oz

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