High-Quality Ethanol Shipped Directly to your Home or Business.

​​The beauty of creating botanical oils, extracts, and concentrates with ExtractCraft & these high quality solvents is that you get all the good stuff from the plant, stress-free.  The use of quality ethanol provided by Simple Solvents and ExtractSolvents results in a clean & potent extract with a full spectrum of botanical benefits.

These solvents are intended for use in manufacturing processes, including pharmaceutical, culinary/food, supplements, and cosmetics. These are primarily used and marketed as a botanical solvent, and not intended for use in beverage applications.

ExtractSolvents 190 Proof Ethanol

ExtractSolvents 190 Proof ethanol is high quality and organic solvent for at-home botanical extraction in easy-to-use quantities, delivered to your door. These solvents are available as Pure Ethanol or Cane Organic Ethanol solvents.

Available in 1 liter, 1 gallon, or 5 gallon containers.


Simple Solvents 200 Proof Ethanol

Simple Solvents 200 Proof USP grade anhydrous ethyl alcohol is amongst the highest purity ethanol available on the market. USP grade ethanol from Simple Solvents has been tested to meet pharmaceutical standards and is now used in ExtractCraft Test Kitchens.

Available in 1 gallon, case, or 5 gallon jugs.