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The EtOH Pro is your answer to clean, artisan oils for your large batch experiments and creations. Our easy-to-use extraction machine pulls out all of the good stuff from your ingredients, to create a full spectrum, potent product. Power your business with unique flavors, and save money by doing it yourself! If you’re looking for a small batch solution, explore our SOURCE Turbo which harnesses the same power in a smaller footprint.

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  • Is the EtOH Pro for me?

    Made with our toughest materials, the EtOH Pro is ideal for small business needs, or experienced home users who seek its large, one gallon capacity. In addition to its larger extract capacity, the EtOH Pro processes in only 3 hours and reclaims 98% alcohol so you can keep reusing and saving money!

  • Ethanol extraction for your small business.

    Buy the world’s first low temperature, closed loop ethanol recovery appliances designed for safe and simple extraction, and begin making high-quality extracts. Businesses like restaurants, breweries, and essential oil/fragrance boutiques are finding our products a great fit for their production.

  • Why make your own?

    Guarantee the quality of your product by knowing exactly what ingredients are used. You can create concentrates and botanical oils completely unique to your product while saving production costs.


High quality botanical oil extraction machines previously available only to commercial processors.

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EtOH Pro Rev2

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Designed for Small Business & Experienced Home Users

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  • 4 Liters in Kettle
  • 1 to 2 US pounds of dry material depending on density

Features & Benefits
  • Reclaims 98% of alcohol for re-use
  • Closed ethanol recovery extraction
  • Dial controlled temperature range of 96°F-110°F
  • Taller ceramic coated kettle for easy oil harvesting
  • Glass lid for observation process and progress
  • Additional secondary purging capabilities for post processing
  • 1-year warranty

  • 3 hour processing time
  • Altitude specific tuning for peak performance

Weight & Dimensions
  • 48 lbs
  • Length: 19”
  • Width: 22”
  • Height: 12”

  • Hand Wash
  • Removable components
  • The base unit can be gently wiped with a damp cloth

Recipe Ideas

Our community has plenty of recipe ideas to get you started extracting essential oils and other products at home. As you create your own at-home extractions, share your successes with other Source Turbo users. Find recipes in our blog section.