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The SOURCE Turbo is the only at-home extraction appliance in the world that is made simple, smart, safe, and efficient for all your extraction needs. The SOURCE Turbo makes it easy for you to quickly and safely create botanical oils and concentrates in the comfort of your own home.



You cannot do better than the ExtractCraft Source Turbo Extractor for herbal extractions. The ExtractCraft Source Turbo allows you to make high-quality oil and concentrate extractions at home, simplifying the process and dramatically limiting costs. Whether you are creating extractions for at-home personal use or small-batch production, it will make your process more time-efficient and user-friendly.

Extract with confidence with an ExtractCraft Source Turbo.

Why Source Turbo?

The Source Turbo is the only at-home extraction appliance in the world that is simple, smart,  safe, and versatile enough for all your botanical extraction needs. No other method can offer the ease-of-use, quality of craftsmanship, high level of safety, and carefully finished products that you can create with the ExtractCraft Source Turbo Extractor. Read Why You Should Choose Ethanol Extraction and learn about the benefits of ethanol extraction with the Source Turbo.

Extract at Home

Many people are simply accustomed to purchasing pre-made extracts or products made using extracts (whether they are oils, topicals, foods or other goods). Those who do create their own oils and concentrates without the SOURCE Turbo may do so in a fairly rough process, with limited ability to calibrate for precision control.

If this describes you, consider a home extractor. It will allow you to save substantially on costs while also allowing you to choose when, how, and in what quantity to extract. Ultimately, this will give you a high degree of control while enabling you to be more self-reliant in your consumption choices.

When using the SOURCE Turbo, you must use 190 proof or higher, non-denatured ethanol as the solvent.

Minimize Waste

You can further save on costs and say goodbye to waste, as the Source Turbo Extractor recovers 95% of the ethanol from the extraction process for re-use. And because it is under vacuum during this process, the boiling point of ethanol is much lower, so the extraction can happen at low temperatures (only 105-degrees Fahrenheit), thereby preserving desirable plant components like terpenes and flavonoids.

Endless Possibilities

With your own Source Turbo, an extensive array of possible extractions are at your fingertips. Everything from oils for baked goods to gummies and candies, dressings, salves and lotions, and much more can be whipped up in no time. You’ll be able to broadly experiment and determine your ultimate preferences when it comes to extractions.

Work Precisely

The high precision of the Source Turbo is one of the prime features that stands out. With a Source Turbo extractor, you can easily monitor remaining time, temperatures, vacuum level, and more, to ensure careful control and an exceptional degree of safety throughout the extraction process.

Get Your Source Turbo Today

The Source Turbo Extractor is the premier device to use when creating oils, butters, and other products at home. You can significantly expand your extraction possibilities while drastically cutting costs in the process, making it a fantastic choice for both novices and experts alike.

Buy your Source Turbo today from ExtractCraft.

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6 reviews for SOURCE Turbo Concentrate Extractor

  1. Brandon Anderson (verified owner)

    College student. I purchased this machine for a few different reasons, cannabis oil being top of that list. I received my Source Turbo less than 48 hours ago, very quick shipping. The next day (this evening), I made two different batches one with 195 proof alcohol and the other with 200 proof ethanol. Learned a lot from both, there is a difference. I watched a lot of videos before I made my purchase, as well as read the directions. All these things are very important if you are to use this machine correctly…as intended. This is the beginning of my road with the Source Turbo and it’s a pretty bright! one indeed. When each batch came out, …and I was happier than expected, I’m glad I purchased this machine. The first advice I would have given myself was: have a good filter system, I did, and could even do better with it next time….makes a lot of difference, I purposefully tried two filtration methods. Find your own it’s important. 😊 (.. I can makes oils from just about anything that grows….🤔)

  2. Greg Waszak

    Bought this unit a couple years back. Took a long time to decide to pull the trigger. I ordered direct from here, didn’t bother trying to find it for $50 less or whatever. Glad I got it! Man, I put this through some abuse. Ran like a champ. Had some issues early on that were quickly remedied by customer service. After running it hard (3-4x a week) it ended up not wanting to turn on. One email to customer support and they quickly sent out a replacement unit, no questions asked. Very happy, you will be too! The money you save in alcohol and not having to worry about flammable vapors are worth it alone.

  3. Kathryn Duprie

    I bought the source after hearing about it on the magic butter site. I started watching videos and joined the Facebook groups and finally ordered. The source turbo is so user friendly it’s a wonderful machine. From making wash to running the machine it’s as easy as can be.
    A perfect starter machine.
    It’s my favorite hobby for sure!

  4. Boogie Russell

    Great device to get started learning on how to make concentrates. Simple and easy to use device for ethanol extractions. These little machines are built to run. I have had my Source Turbo machine for 6 years, ran at heavy usage, and it is still going strong. The machine is only part of the package as you get great customer service in the event something does go wrong. You can not lose with ExtractCraft machines.

  5. Blue Tripp

    I got the machine and it came with a chip in the globe!!! Still using it due to waiting forever for delivery. Good machine overall but the vibration of the pumps losen the nuts on the machine. I tried to carefully tighten the nuts the best i could bit it cracked the caseing!!!
    I would recommend blue loctite to remedy the situation.

    • Dylan (verified owner)

      Hello, I am sorry to hear the globe arrived chipped. Please feel free to send me an email at info@localhost with your order number and I can send you a replacement right away!

  6. alexfingbeck

    Three time cancer survivor here coming to do a review on the source and ETOH pro. The source turbo was my introduction machine to extract crafts support team.

    This unit and its team helped me make medicine better then that which would be bought from a dispensary and all organic!

    I owe the team more then I can say. They helped change and save my life.

    Forever grateful for extract craft and the team.

    Alex Beck – Los Angeles Cali abs mahoning valley Ohio.

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